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"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." ~ Albert Einstein


Our Why

We are here to catalyze transformation and inspire humanity to rise to its true potential so that, together, we can create a more regenerative, resilient, and equitable world in which all life thrives.

Our Unique Value

In Nature, healthy soil supports clean air and water, sequesters carbon, maximizes biodiversity, and provides nutrient-dense food. It is the foundation for life on earth.

We help our clients build the “healthy soil” that supports them in realizing their true potential and experiencing joy, prosperity, and well-being in their lives, organizations, and communities. 


Imaginal Cells

After the caterpillar has disintegrated into a liquid state within the chrysalis, a completely new type of cell appears. These new cells, called "imaginal" cells, are seeds of pure potential and hold the ingredients for transformation.


​As more and more imaginal cells come forth, they begin to cluster and form new body parts. It is these new cells that survive the metamorphosis, and ultimately, a butterfly emerges.

Are you ready to be Imaginal in your life, your organization, or your community?

The caterpillar’s metamorphosis into the butterfly requires it to give up its bodily form. Fortunately, this is not the case for humans. Stepping into our imaginal selves only calls upon us to move beyond the old beliefs, patterns, and limitations that prevent us from expressing our highest potential. It calls for an evolution of our consciousness – the source of all creation.

We’ve developed a unique framework for Consciousness-Centered Design™ that helps us create with a new sense of conscious awareness, express ourselves with undaunted authenticity, live in alignment, demonstrate true excellence in action, and be accountable for our creations. For those who employ such an approach, the result is a solid foundation, a brighter future, and the joy of creating something truly meaningful and impactful.

Our Ethos

  • We recognize that we are all deeply connected – to one another and to our planet

  • We understand who we truly are, acknowledge the unique gifts and talents we each have to offer, and support one another in living at our highest potential

  • We see our similarities, and honor and appreciate our differences

  • Competition ("mine") and profit at any cost are no longer the focus of our endeavors

  • Co-creation ("ours") and prosperity for all drive our creativity

  • Our dreams and visions are sacred, and our life’s work is learning how to translate them into an experience of life that reflects the truth of who we are


Jason Knoll



Jason is passionate about creating a more regenerative, resilient, and equitable world in which all life thrives. With a vision to see humanity rise to its true potential, he works with leaders who are on a quest to improve human experience and well-being while also supporting the health and biodiversity of our planet.

Jason’s path has never been a straight line. He began his career as a CPA with one of the world’s largest public accounting firms. From there, he went on to work with disruptive startups, small & medium businesses, larger corporations, and non-profits across a variety of industries. Jason has gained experience in organizational leadership, business modeling, strategic planning, business development, financial analysis, and accounting. He has held key executive roles and been an entrepreneur, a coach, and a consultant.

More than two decades ago, Jason began prioritizing personal transformation and the exploration of Consciousness. It led him to a deeper understanding of who we are as humans and our interconnectedness with all of life itself. Jason whole-heartedly believes that we individually and collectively have the power to consciously co-create our experiences – with possibilities limited only by our beliefs and expanded by our imagination.​

Jason also serves on the board of directors of the Savory Institute, a global organization facilitating the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands and the livelihoods of their inhabitants through holistic management. This experience has deepened his understanding of how to apply holistic management and a living-systems approach to any endeavor.

"Seldom have I had the pleasure to work with a human with such profound commitment and dedication to his own personal transformation, which allows him to serve his clients from his highest, most empathic and loving self.  Jason acknowledges and dives into the intentional work required to shift consciousness and understands and relentlessly sticks to the ups and downs of the journey. With his deep experiential understanding of human potential, strategy, and business, he has been a candid and graceful mirror to Savory's team and network, leading with inquiry, excitement, and joy." ~ Daniela Ibarra-Howell, Co-founder & CEO of Savory Institute

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