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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”- Anne Frank

We work with visionary leaders and teams who are choosing to be co-creators of a more resilient and regenerative world. Those who recognize we are all deeply connected and interdependent. Those who seek to deepen the understanding of who they truly are, catalyze imagination and creativity, and build models for true prosperity.

Who We Serve

We serve entrepreneurs, executives, teams and organizations (from startup to well-established) that are working to improve the human experience and advance the health and well-being of our planet through technology, energy, the built environment, food, wellness, and other products & services.

We serve not-for-profit organizations focusing in areas of social and environmental impact. And we serve communities that are seeking to return to a deep sense of connection and support each other living into their highest potential.

We inspire the highest potential at the individual, team and organizational levels. We help our clients gain clarity around their context & vision, develop grounded models and strategies, achieve excellence in performance, and maximize impact.

Working One-on-One

We work with a limited number of leaders that are ready to take the next evolutionary step in their journey. Imagine sitting at a campfire, sharing your vision, successes and frustrations with a trusted and devoted guide who is gently tending the fire and listening deeply. Your guide has brought along a big bag of tools that will help you discover more of your true self, step into your brilliance, and bring forth your unique piece of the puzzle. This is the experience we offer – even if we are not really sitting at a campfire.

Working With Teams/Organizations

Whether you are a startup or an existing organization, we work with you to bring your vision into the world, achieve excellence in performance and maximize impact.

We begin with people, ensuring there is alignment and a good flow of energy before engaging in process. The focus then turns to building “healthy soil” through structure and strategy so that what is planted will grow and flourish. Engagements are tailored to the unique context and specific needs of each client organization and can include the following elements:


·       Organizational assessment

·       Visioning / imagining

·       Regenerative organizational design

·       Business modeling

·       Financial modeling & analysis

·       Strategic planning & implementation

·       Leadership development

·       Team building & alignment

Interim and Fractional Leadership

We provide interim leadership for organizations experiencing times of transition. We will begin by assessing the current status, taking a holistic approach that includes team (including board), customers, suppliers, investors/donors and any other nodes in the organization’s network. Then, we will work with stakeholders to reimagine, refocus, and determine the appropriate structures and strategies for moving forward. Finally, we will determine the requirements for long-term leadership and assist in the process of bringing them onboard.

For organizations that find themselves simply not being able to translate great vision into tangible impact, we offer the role of Chief Transformation Officer on a fractional basis. More than a “turnaround” facilitator, we embed as part of the team to bring forth the deep transformation necessary for the organization to contribute its unique piece to the whole. The specific details of such engagement would be the result of a discovery process.

Working With Communities

In today’s world, we need community more than ever. Whether it be a non-local group of individuals that come together to support each other in some aspect of life, or a place-based group of diverse people that come together to build a strong sense of safety and shared prosperity, community is a necessary ingredient for building a world that works for all.


Being Imaginal works with communities – whether physical or virtual – to establish a shared context, design structures that enable understanding and communication, and support them in bringing the community’s purpose and vision into form.


From time to time, we'll be offering webinars, workshops and gatherings designed to help you catalyze your imagination & creativity, learn about new tools to help you and your organization thrive, and connect with others on the journey. 

There are no events scheduled at this time. 


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~ Maya Angelou


“Jason has been awesome to work with. His business acumen has helped me better understand my business, and on the personal side he has inspired me to stay true to my passion. I feel like he really “sees” me and deeply aligns to my vision for building a better world. He is a trusted confidant.” 

Paul Kriescher, Lightly Treading

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