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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”- Anne Frank


We work with visionary leaders and teams who are choosing to be co-creators of a more resilient and regenerative world. Those who recognize we are all deeply connected and interdependent. Those who seek to deepen the understanding of who they truly are, catalyze imagination and creativity, and build models for true prosperity.

Areas of Focus

We serve entrepreneurs, executives, teams and organizations (from startup to well-established) that are working to improve the human experience and advance the health and well-being of our planet through technology, energy, the built environment, food, wellness, and other products & services.


We also serve not-for-profit organizations focusing in areas of social and environmental impact.


Courageous Leadership

The root of the word courage is ‘coeur’ – French for heart. Courageous leadership requires vulnerability and the recognition that we do not have the answers. Today’s authentic leaders inspire, encourage and provide the opportunity for others to contribute their individual genius, develop their potential, and thrive. 

Are you ready to up-level your impact?


“Jason has been awesome to work with. His business acumen has helped me better understand my business, and on the personal side he has inspired me to stay true to my passion. I feel like he really “sees” me and deeply aligns to my vision for building a better world. He is a trusted confidant.” 

Paul Kriescher, Lightly Treading

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