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3-Day Workshop:

Designing a Regenerative  Startup / Early Stage Company

Tuesday, June 4th - Thursday, June 6th

Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM MDT each day


West End Plaza

1035 Pearl Street, 4th Floor

Boulder, CO 80202

Investment: $999.00

By working with nature, regenerative agricultural and land management practices result in outcomes that are far more beneficial than other production systems: higher yields, greater biodiversity, improved water efficiency, and healthier crops and animals. At the same time, these practices promise to address many of the systemically interconnected problems we are facing today…from rapid loss of topsoil and declining yields, to dwindling water resources and catastrophic wildfires. Regenerative principles work! 

Now, those same principles are being applied to human ecosystems – organizations – with equally impressive outcomes. Imagine building a system of underlying health within organizations that allows for positive outcomes across multiple impact areas such as communications, decision-making, innovation and team members' well-being. Simply put, when people and organizations are allowed to operate as they are intended, potential is unleashed and the entire system thrives.

nRhythm and implementation partner Being Imaginal, leaders in the emerging regenerative field, invite you to attend this transformational three-day workshop and discover how you can apply regenerative principles to your organization.

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Being Imaginal is an Implementation Partner for the nRhythm Regenerative Framework and a founding member of the nRhythm Community of Practice.

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About the Workshop


This three-day intensive workshop will introduce you to the nRhythm Regenerative Framework, which takes a holistic, systems-based approach to improving organizational outcomes while increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and well-being of the team. The Framework was first used by the Savory Institute to design and manage a multi-stakeholder and multicultural network of partner organizations in over 20 countries. nRhythm has trained scores of organizations in the US and around the world, empowering them to apply regenerative principles at the organizational level in enterprises as diverse as manufacturing, technology, business networks, food services, health and wellness, non-profit, agriculture and finance. Now, in partnership with Being Imaginal, these principles are being introduced to startups and early stage organizations who seek to create the conditions for long-term success.


The Regenerative Framework will guide you in building the human systems in your business or nonprofit in a way that generates abundant and resilient outcomes. You will become skilled in making decisions that are informed by the underlying health of the organization and in building an ecosystem in which your organization and people can thrive.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, startup and early stage teams, and small business owners seeking solutions to organizational challenges such as managing finite resources, building and developing a well-rounded and balanced team, communicating, delegating, working through bottlenecks, and iterating quickly and intelligently.


  • A deep understanding of regenerative principles and how you can apply them to your startup or early stage organization

  • An overview of the Regenerative Framework and the skills to bring it into practice in your organization to build a thriving environment

  • The experience needed to apply the Organizational Health Index (OHI) as a tool to evaluate the health of your organization

  • Lifetime, free access to the nRhythm Community of Practice, comprised of regenerative practitioners and educators, providing ongoing learning opportunities to consistently improve your outcomes



Day 1 | Foundations: Introduction to the foundations of regenerative organizations including approach, guiding principles and practices. Participants will be introduced to the Regenerative Framework and the Organizational Health Index (OHI), and learn how to take a living-systems approach to address organizational roles and responsibilities, systems and processes, and resource allocation and investment.

Day 2 | Organizational Evaluation: Evaluating current organizational design and practices for unleashing human potential through the Regenerative Framework. Each participant will review and look more deeply at the Foundations from Day 1, evaluate conventional practices and designs, and build awareness and capacity in designing regenerative organizations and practices.

Day 3 | Organizational Design: Designing and Supporting a Regenerative Organization. Each participant will use the Regenerative Framework to begin designing their ideal organization. Using the principles of regeneration, each person will participate in designing an organization that releases human potential. Since every organization is unique, we will consider local contexts, organizational health, structures and strategies as core to the design process. Each individual will gain insight and experience into the design process to produce a contextually relevant and meaningful organizational design without compromising long-term financial health.


Investment: $999


Price includes: Participation in 3-day intensive workshop, lunch each day, one Regenerative Framework workbook and an invitation for lifetime access to nRhythm’s Community of Practice

Discounts are available for nonprofits, students, and 2+ representatives of an organization. We are also able to offer payment plans. Please contact us for details (

Meet Your Instructors


Tre’ Cates, Managing Director, nRhythm


Tre’ has more than 25 years of senior-level experience consulting in a variety of industries on six continents and 35+ countries. Tre’ has proven to be indispensable in designing, developing, and implementing an organization’s purpose for the future. Tre’s industry experience is very diverse from the development of faith-based community organizations, to a publicly-traded technology company, to a multinational NGO working in 20+ countries. One of his companies was recognized twice as one of the fastest growing companies in the US on the INC 500/5000 list.

jbk.010619 (3).png

Jason Knoll, Founder, Being Imaginal

Jason brings 30 years experience in general management, strategic planning, business development, and financial analysis. He possesses the strong business acumen necessary to guide organizations in moving consciously from ideation to implementation. Jason began his career as a CPA with one of the world’s largest public accounting firms. He has worked with startups pioneering new, disruptive technologies and related services. Jason has also served in key executive roles for large, established organizations. His experience spans multiple industries and businesses ranging from pure startup to multinational corporations. 

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