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"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." ~ Albert Einstein



Our Unique Value

Our approach is based in the heart–mind connection. The heart holds the higher frequencies of courage, authenticity and love; the mind is home to our imagination. Our highest potential lies at this intersection.

To that potent combination, we add a collection of proven business methodologies and wisdom that comes from experience. The result is an unleashing of potential and creation at a new level of consciousness.

Our Why

Being Imaginal is all about transformation. Implementing a new kind of that is based in a greater level of awareness of our true potential and our interconnection with all of Life. It is an exploration of what is possible when we each step into our own true nature and express ourselves authentically from this knowing of self. And it is an exploration of what is possible when we come together in teams, organizations and communities to build healthy, regenerative systems that are in balance and harmony.


After the caterpillar has disintegrated into a liquid state within the chrysalis, a completely new type of cell appears. These new cells, called "imaginal" cells, are seeds of pure potential and hold the ingredients for transformation.


​As more and more imaginal cells come forth, they begin to cluster and form new body parts. It is these new cells that survive the metamorphosis and, ultimately, a butterfly emerges.

Are you ready to be Imaginal in your life, your organization, or your community?

We Envision a World in Which…

  • We recognize that we are all deeply connected…to one another and to our planet

  • We understand who we truly are, the unique gifts and talents we each have to offer, and support one another in living at our highest potential

  • We see our similarities, and honor and appreciate our differences

  • Competition ("mine") and profit at any cost are no longer the focus of our endeavors

  • Co-creation ("ours") and prosperity for all drive our creativity

  • Our dreams and visions are sacred, and our life’s work is learning how to translate them into an experience of life that reflects the truth of who we are

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