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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” ~ Isaac Newton


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Jason offers a unique combination of visionary insight and grounded skill. He is a versatile business leader with a proven career focus on inspiring the conditions for peak performance. Jason brings 30 years experience in general management, strategic planning, business development, and financial analysis. He possesses the strong business acumen necessary to guide organizations in moving consciously from ideation to implementation.

Jason began his career as a CPA with one of the world’s largest public accounting firms. He has worked with startups pioneering new, disruptive technologies and related services. Jason has also served in key executive roles for large, established organizations. His experience spans multiple industries and businesses ranging from pure startup to multinational corporations. Jason has a highly creative side and a compelling sense of curiosity that allows him to thrive in the field of unlimited possibility.

Jason Knoll, Founder

Dennece is an experienced business leader and a Professional Certified Coach working with clients in business and career transitions. Her work makes a positive impact to the bottom line by bringing conscious conversations to the table and orchestrating team collaboration that inspires the creation and ownership of practical, executable strategies. Her extensive background in developing and executing business strategies and her passion for people thriving in their environment supports clients in making transformative changes for personal, professional and business success.

Dennece has had prior success in leadership, spanning several diverse industries, nationally and internationally. She focuses on aligning the strengths, skills and talents of each individual to the business needs which promotes creative, engaging solutions. Using today's latest tools of assessments, training and outcome-based coaching, Dennece's passion is inspiring leaders at all levels for greatness.

Dennece McKelvy
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