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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” ~ Isaac Newton


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Jason Knoll - Founder

Jason is passionate about creating a more regenerative, resilient and equitable world in which all life thrives. With a vision to see humanity rise to its true potential, he works with leaders who are on a quest to improve human experience and well-being, while supporting the health and biodiversity of our planet.

Jason’s path has never been a straight line. He began his career as a CPA with one of the world’s largest public accounting firms. From there, he went on to work with disruptive startups, small & medium businesses, larger corporations, and non-profits, across a variety of industries. Jason has gained experience in organizational leadership, business modeling, strategic planning, business development, financial analysis and accounting. He has held key executive roles, been an entrepreneur, a coach and consultant.

More than two decades ago, Jason began prioritizing personal transformation and the exploration of Consciousness. It led him to a deeper understanding of who we are as humans and our interconnectedness with all of life itself. Jason whole-heartedly believes that we individually and collectively have the power to consciously co-create our experiences; the possibilities being limited only by our beliefs…and expanded by our imagination.

Jason also serves on the board of directors of the Savory Institute, a global organization facilitating the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands, and the livelihoods of their inhabitants, though holistic management. This experience has deepened his understanding of how to apply holistic management and living-systems approaches to any endeavor.

Dennece McKelvy

Dennece is an experienced business leader and a Professional Certified Coach working with clients in business and career transitions. Her work makes a positive impact to the bottom line by bringing conscious conversations to the table and orchestrating team collaboration that inspires the creation and ownership of practical, executable strategies. Her extensive background in developing and executing business strategies and her passion for people thriving in their environment supports clients in making transformative changes for personal, professional and business success.

Dennece has had prior success in leadership, spanning several diverse industries, nationally and internationally. She focuses on aligning the strengths, skills and talents of each individual to the business needs which promotes creative, engaging solutions. Using today's latest tools of assessments, training and outcome-based coaching, Dennece's passion is inspiring leaders at all levels for greatness.

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